We had such a blast taking these fall Tyler Arboretum wedding photos! You may remember Mary + Miguel from their engagement session at this very same venue just a few short months ago. They are such a fun, loving, down to earth couple, and that doesn’t even begin to cover their fantastic taste in movies + culture! From a choreographed dance number by the groom + bridal party, to Weird Al as the father daughter dance, we were pretty much smiling the entire time we photographed this wedding. Big thanks for Jeffrey Miller Catering for putting together another beautiful wedding! Please snoop around at some of our favorite photos, and be sure to leave a lil love for the newlyweds!

Tyler Arboretum Wedding Photos Tyler-Arboretum-Wedding-Photos-5 Tyler-Arboretum-Wedding-Photos-7 Tyler-Arboretum-Wedding-Photos-11 Tyler-Arboretum-Wedding-Photos-15 Tyler-Arboretum-Wedding-Photos-19 Tyler-Arboretum-Wedding-Photos-21 Tyler-Arboretum-Wedding-Photos-23 Tyler-Arboretum-Wedding-Photos-27 Tyler-Arboretum-Wedding-Photos-29 Tyler Arboretum Wedding Photos Tyler-Arboretum-Wedding-Photos-32 Tyler-Arboretum-Wedding-Photos-30 Tyler-Arboretum-Wedding-Photos-33 Tyler Arboretum Wedding Photos Tyler Arboretum Wedding Photos Tyler-Arboretum-Wedding-Photos-37 Tyler-Arboretum-Wedding-Photos-42 Tyler-Arboretum-Wedding-Photos-44 Tyler-Arboretum-Wedding-Photos-45 Tyler-Arboretum-Wedding-Photos-47 Tyler-Arboretum-Wedding-Photos-49 Tyler-Arboretum-Wedding-Photos-54 Tyler Arboretum Wedding Photos