Kaitlin and Bradley chose the Bally Spring Farm wedding venue because of it’s rustic feel and amazing location. Bally Spring Farm is located in Barto Pennsylvania and if you just said, “where?!”, don’t worry I said the same thing! Bally Spring Farm is 29 acres and filled with amazing locations for portraits. This place was made for weddings and I can see why they chose it. The staff at Bally Spring Farm were nothing short of amazing the moment Kaitlin and Bradley arrived till the lights went up.

I was lucky enough to photograph Kaitlin’s sister’s wedding a little while ago so meeting up with this family again was perfect. This is one of those families that you want to be adopted by┬ábecause they have such a great time together. The wedding reception was filled with laughs, smiles and some intense dance moves. Here are a few of my favorites from their wedding day!

Bally_Spring_Farm_Wedding_Venue4 Bally_Spring_Farm_Wedding_Venue6 Bally_Spring_Farm_Wedding_Venue7
Bally_Spring_Farm_Wedding_Venue8 Bally_Spring_Farm_Wedding_Venue10
Bally_Spring_Farm_Wedding_Venue9 Bally_Spring_Farm_Wedding_Venue5

Bally_Spring_Farm_Wedding_Venue1 Bally_Spring_Farm_Wedding_Venue11 Bally_Spring_Farm_Wedding_Venue26 Bally_Spring_Farm_Wedding_Venue3

Bally_Spring_Farm_Wedding_Venue2 Bally_Spring_Farm_Wedding_Venue12 Bally Spring Farm Wedding Venue Bally_Spring_Farm_Wedding_Venue23 Bally_Spring_Farm_Wedding_Venue16 Bally_Spring_Farm_Wedding_Venue13 Bally_Spring_Farm_Wedding_Venue15 Bally Spring Farm Wedding Venue Bally Spring Farm Wedding Venue Bally_Spring_Farm_Wedding_Venue18 Bally_Spring_Farm_Wedding_Venue19 Bally_Spring_Farm_Wedding_Venue25 Bally_Spring_Farm_Wedding_Venue21 Bally_Spring_Farm_Wedding_Venue20