This was our first American Visionary Art Museum wedding and hopefully not our last. What a fantastically unique and fun wedding venue! It probably didn’t hurt that Matt + Kyle were equally fun to be around either. We started at the Renaissance Hotel which is Holly’s youthful stomping grounds (a mall? in a hotel? what’s not to love!). We made our way over to the American Visionary Art Museum and got to play around with Matt + Kyle throughout the area and had a blast. It’s always great when the couples let us go all out and try a few crazy ideas, even if one of those ideas is to go to the highest point on the coldest and windiest nights so far! Matt + Kyle, is was truly a pleasure being there and photographing your wedding day, Thank you! Here are a few of our favorites from their day.

American-Visionary-Art-Museum-Wedding-1 American-Visionary-Art-Museum-Wedding-4 American-Visionary-Art-Museum-Wedding-9 American-Visionary-Art-Museum-Wedding-10 American-Visionary-Art-Museum-Wedding-13 renaissance hotel wedding American-Visionary-Art-Museum-Wedding-17 renaissance hotel wedding renaissance hotel wedding American-Visionary-Art-Museum-Wedding-28 American-Visionary-Art-Museum-Wedding-29 American-Visionary-Art-Museum-Wedding-30 american visionary art museum wedding American-Visionary-Art-Museum-Wedding-32 American-Visionary-Art-Museum-Wedding-33 american visionary art museum wedding American-Visionary-Art-Museum-Wedding-35 American-Visionary-Art-Museum-Wedding-36 American-Visionary-Art-Museum-Wedding-37 american visionary art museum wedding American-Visionary-Art-Museum-Wedding-43american visionary art museum wedding

American-Visionary-Art-Museum-Wedding-45 American-Visionary-Art-Museum-Wedding-48 American-Visionary-Art-Museum-Wedding-51 American-Visionary-Art-Museum-Wedding-52 american visionary art museum wedding

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